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AAS ( 6-12-18-24 years Scale) Software (CR)  for Other Depts. 

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In RPS-2005, 24 years scale SPP-II restored and allowed FR-22(B) fixation those got promotion after they got 8, 16 Scales. But FR22(a)(i) pay scale fixation inevitable those who completed their 24 years of service. To get SPP-I and SPP-II scales must possess the qualifications as per the promotion post.The AAS( Automatic Advancement Scheme) was introduced in PRC-1982 . AS per this scheme, those who were not able to get in time promotion with in the period of 10 years even though they were having Promotion Qualifications and Eligibility, they were eligible get scales 10years Special Grade Post Scale and respectively SPPI Scale for those who were completed 15 years. In 1986 PRC ,allowed SPP-II scale those who completed 22years of service without promotion. In RPS-1993 new scales were introduced for the period 8, 16 ,24 years instead of 10, 15 , 22 years. Those who got AAS while in promotion they pay should be fixed in FR 22(a)(i) instead of FR22(B) .In RPS-1999 pay scales ,24 years scale was cancelled and given one additional increment in SPPI only , Those who completed their 45 years of service were exempted from passing Departmental Test as per the GO Ms NO:225 dt:18-05-1999.

If a junior got promotion after he/she availed AAS, sometimes he might get higher pay due to this when comparing with the senior. To avoid this kind of salary differences , the senior can avail Step-up facility with junior and to get equal salary. As per the new agreement with JAC the Government has taken decision to change the scales from 8, 16, 24 to 6, 12, 18, 24 Scales as per GO Ms No:96, Dt:20.05.2011. And it is force and implemented 01.02.2010.

As per this, it is allowed to get AAS those who completed 6 Years (Special Grade Post Scale), 12Years SPP-IA/SAPP-IA Scales, 18 Years SPP-IB/SAPP-IB Scales, 24 Years SPP-II/SAPPII.

1) SPECIAL GRADE POST SCALE: The individual who completed 6 years of service in the same cadre eligible to get Special Grade Post Scale and allowed new scale . 
a) SPP-IA/SAPP-IA: The employee who completed 12 years of service in the same cadre, is allowed to get new scale in the next promotion.
b) SPP-IB/SAPP-IB: The employee who completed 18 years of service tin the same cadre, is allowed to get one additional increment in the same scale SPP-IA/SAPP-IA
3) SPECIAL PROMOTION POST SCALE –II (SPP-II): The employee, who completed 24 years, as per service rules is allowed to get SPP-II, that is equal to next promotion scale. And the individual must require qualifications as per the next promotion post.

PAY FIXATION PROCESS : Pay is fixed in AAS as per FR 22(a)(i) read with FR 31(2) . Those who got promotion after 6,12,18 Scales , their pay is fixed as per FR 22 (B) but who completed 24years and got promotion their pay is fixed as per FR 22(a)(i) read with FR 31(2). These rules and conditions were in force from 1.2.2010. If an employee completed 12,18 years scales before 1.2.2010, the scales would allowed from 1.2.2010 only. The who completed 8,16 years after 01.02.2010 must revise the scales as per 6, 12 scales which is in force. The arrears from 1.2.2010 to 31.5.2010 were adjusted to concerned PF or CPF accounts.

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