**GO.No.367,Dt.6.7.2015 Medical Reimbursement facility continue upto Dec2015  Click here
**GO.No.29,Dt.2.7.2015,Language Pandits(working in MP/ZP Schools)are eligible for 
  School Assts. Promotions   
Click here

**GO.No.28,Dt.2.7.2015,Language Pandits(working in Govt.Schools)are eligible for 
  School Assts. Promotions
  Click here


**GO.No.58,Dt.20.6.2015, AadharCard/RationCard in the place of Residence Certificates  Click here
**GO.No.75,Dt.20.6.2015,General Transfers Ban Lifted in 9Districts of AP till June30th Click here
**GO.No.74,Dt.18.6.2015, APGLI Loan Interest Calculation Guidelines  Click here

**GO.No.68,Dt.12.6.2015, AAS Increments   
Click here
**GO.No.67,Dt.12.6.2015, Stagnation Increments  Click here
**GO.No.66,Dt.12.6.2015, ConsolidationPension/Family Pension to Pensioners Click here
**Cir.No.25,Dt.9.6.2015, Mention SSA Grants withdrawls on back side of Cheque  Click here

**RC.No.82, Dt.26.5.2015 Schools Reopen on 15thJune,2015.   Click here
**MemoNo.3682,Dt.26.5.2015, Procedural instructions for PRC Fixtation.   Click here
**GO.57,Dt.18.5.2015, General Transfers  to AP Employees Guidelines.  Click here
**GO.53,Dt.12.5.2015,Recruitment of Teachers in TribalWelfare Dept.Click here
**GO.51,Dt.8.5.2015,Implementation of PRC-2015 to AP Pensioners wef.1.7.2013 Click here 
>New PRC -2015 GOs
**GO.46,Dt.30.4.2015;Revised Pay Scales of 2015 Click here
**GO.47,Dt.30.4.2015;DA for NewPay scales         Click here
**GO.48,Dt.30.4.2015;HRA for New Pay Scales      Click here
**GO.49;Dt.30.4.2015 CCA for New Pay Scales      Click here
**GO.45,Dt.21.4.2015 CFMS Operational from 1stJuly,2015 Instructions to DDOs Click here
    (Employees' Data Updation in AP Finance Portal  Step by Step Guide)  Click here
**GO.No.33,Dt.31.3.2015 SamkyaAndhra Strike Period treated as Special CCL for NGOs click here
**Rc.No.121,Dt.21.3.2015 Video Conference on23.3.2015 to DEOs,MEOs &others on SSC Exams-2015  Click here
**GO.71,Dt.20.3.2015 Re allocation of Funds under Loans & Advances to Govt.Servants working in Education Dept. Click here
**Rc.No.181,Dt.16.3.2015 School Assistant(Languages) Promotions based on Go.No.15&16  Click here
**Rc.No.102,Dt.13.3.2015,HalfDay Schools from March16th, 2015  Click here
**Rc.No.443,Dt.5.3.2015 Modified SchoolTimings &  New TimeTable for all Schools  Click here
**GO.727,dt.10.3.2015 Local Holiday on Teacher MLC Elections  Click here
**GO.476Dt.7.3.2015Ladt date is 31March for Arrear Bills before Bifurcation Period  Click here
**GO.651Dt.4.3.2015 Holi HoliDay Changed to March 6th from March5th,2015   Click here


**GO.113,Dt.28.2.2015, Medical Reimbursement Continue upto April 30,2015  Click here
**RcNo.23,Dt.27.2.2015, Single Teacher Schools exempted to attend School Complex Meetings  Click here
**GO.No.19,Dt.25.2.2015,AP 'PRATIBHA' Awards Gudelines   click here
**GO.No.22,Dt.20.2.2015, Hostel Wardens can select Best quality of Rice from MLS Points   Click here
**GO.No.16 Dt.7.2.2015 PG Degree not Eligible for SA Lang pandits Promotions in ZP,MPUP Schools  Click here

**GO.No.15 Dt.7.2.2015 PG Degree not Eligible for SA Lang pandits Promotions in Govt.High Schols  Click here
**RC.36,Dt7.2.2012 New Timings for All Schools   Click here


**Go.No:191;dt:2.2.15 Sanction of Addl.budget for Payment of arrears bills to the period prior 2.6.14. Click here
**GO.No.183,Dt.31.1.2015 Lastdate extended for Submission arrerar bills prior to June2nd,2014  Click here
**Rc.No.118, Dt.24.1.2015 Preparation of 9th and 10th Class Question Papers by DCEBs  Click here
**GoNo:62 dt.29.1.2015,APGovt Sanctioned 1252 Academic Instructors for 3 months in MunicipalSchools  click here


**GO.181Dt27.1.2015 BADI BASA School Visits TimeTable & Schedule  Click here

**GO.No.8,Dt.24.1.2015 Renemeration of Tutors in TribalWelfare institutions hiked to Rs.1500  Click here
**GO.No.7,Dt.23.1.2015 Treatment for Chronic Diseases-Certain Amendements in TieUp   Click here
**GO.No.4 Dt.19.1.2015 One Month Basic Pay as Advance for Visakha Dist. Employees  Click here
**RC.NO.AP GOVT:RC.No.302 Exams in old Pattern for 9,10th Classes  for 2014-15 Click here
**GO.NO.52,Dt.22.2.2014,Use of Digital Signature instead of Ink Signature wherever necessary  Click here
**RC.No.999,Dt12.2.2014 Guidelines for Utilisation of RMSA Funds  Click here
**RC.N.746,Dt15.2.14 Celebration of SchoolAnnulDay for 2013-14 Click here
**GO.No.39Dt.12.02.2014,Sanction of Earned Leave/EarnedLeave to be Earned on 
  1DayNational Strike on 28.2.2012  
Click here

**GO.No.33Dt.4.2.2014,Regularisation of Strike Period APNGOs who Participated in Samkyandhra 
   agitation as Earned Leave/Earned Leave to be Earned   Click here

**GO.No.112,Dt.1.2.2014 Norms for Utilisation of Amounts Received by the Govt.Hospitals under EmployeesHealth Scheme  Click here
**GO.No.2Dt28.1.2014,Last Date Extension for Uploading CFMS Data upto Feb 01,2014   Click here                                                             
**GO.No.244Dt.28.1.2014,Aided Teaching and NonTeaching Staff 4th QuarterSalary Budget Relsd     Click here                                                            
**RC.NO.79Dt22.1.2014 Comittee to Look into Cases where the Treatment Cost exceeds Rs.2Lakhs by Health Cards  Click here
**GO.No.16Dt.18.1.2014,CFMS Data further instructions&Extension of Dates  Click here
**GO.NO.10,Dt.6.1.2014 Sanction of Interim Relief (IR) wef.1.1.2014    Click here
**GO.No.2,Dt.4.1.2014 Deduction of HealthCards Premium from March2014   Click here
**Rc.No.31Dt7.12.2013 Jan26 is not Compensatory working Day for Seemandhra Dists
   Click here
**GO.No.334,Dt.13.12.2013,DDOs Should Submit Employees Details by Online for Health
   Cards & Salaries Click here  (Comprahensive Financial Management System)
   *For Guidelines See 4thPage in above GO Copy
   *Employees Data Entry Forms to Upload Data  Click here
**GO.No.343Dt.17.12.2013,Recovery of Contribution towards HealthCardsfrom Salaries of
   Employees/Pensioners Details(Ammendement to GoNo.331Dt.11.12.2013)  Click here
**GO.No.331Dt.11.12.2013,Recovery of Contribution towards HealthCardsfrom Salaries of
   Employees/Pensioners Details    Click here
**Rc.No.375Dt.10.12.2013,Exemption of Strike Period Teachers to attend on Compensatory
   Working Days  Click here
**RC.No.31Dt.7.12.2013,Revised Schedule of Summative-II(Half Yearly)Exams in the 
   All Districts of  AP    Click here
**GO.NO.70Dt.2.12.2013,Sanction of 234 ModelSchools in 2ndPhase  Click here
**Rc.No.900,Dt.29.11.2013,Schedule of Summative-II(HalfYearly)Exams from 1to8th Classes
**GO.No.5236,dt.29.11.2013 List of General Holidays in 2014  Click here
**GO.447Dt28.11.2013 Delegation of GPF/ZPPF Sanctioning Powers to HMs/MEOs/DyEOs 
**GO.No.115,Dt.25.11.2013,Drawl of Salary in Strike Period of Teaching&Non Teaching Staff
   in Govt.& Aided Junior Colleges    Click here
**RC.No.7232,Dt14.11.2013,Providing SubjectTeachers in needy High Schools  Click here
**RC.No.362Dt.16.11.2013 DSE Fresh orders Preservation of ELs in Summer Vacation Click here
**GO.NO.67Dt.14.11.2013 Drawl of Salary in Strike Period of Teachers and NonTeachingStaff          Click here
**GO.No.65,Dt12.11.2013 Revised Staff Pattern in D.Ed.Colleges and DIETs   Click here
**GO.No.4886,Dt.11.11.2013,Change of 'Moharam' Holiday on Nov15 instead of Nov14
**RcNo.563,Strenghtning of MRGs for Developing ModelSchools Click here
**JobChart of MRGs & Concept of Model Schools  Click here
**Guidelines to Develop ModelSchools at Elementary Level   Click here
**Rc7105,Dt7.11.2013 Implementation of HighCourt Orders on 610 GO   Click here
**Rc.No.293 Supply of Computers to 156 UP Schools  Click here
**GO.No.174,Dt1.11.2013,HealthCards to Employees under EmployeeHealthSchme for Cashless
   Medical Treatment   Click here
**Go.No.175,Dt1.11.2013,Guideliness and Process for issue of HealthCardsUnderEmployee
  Health Scheme Click here
**Go.176,Dt1.11.2013,List of Therapies and Pacakge prices EmployeeHealth Scheme-Employees
   HealthCards  Click here
**Go.No.64,Dt.1.11.2013 RMSA-Strenghtning of InfraStructure in 3437 High Schools  Click here
**RC.No.249Dt31.10.2013 TwoDays Training to PrimaryTeachers from12.11.2013 Click here
**RC.No.118,Dt.31.10.2013 DSEAP Remarks sent to Govt on HalfPayLeave   Click here
**RcNo.249Dt31.102013,TwoDays Training to PS Teachers from12.11.2013 in SeemandhraDts
**Rc.06Dt.30.10.2013 Preservation of ELs to Teachers for Attended TMSA Training in 2012
**GO.No.296Dt.28.10.2013 Dearness Releif to Pensioners wef.1.7.2013 Click here
**GO.No.294,Dt.26.10.2013 NewDA of 8.56% wef.1.7.2013 Click here
**Go.No.60,Dt24.10.2013 Implementation of CCE in All Schools with RTE Iniative Click here
**Rc.No.665,Guidelines & Instructions to Training to SMC Members  Click here
**Rc.No.556Guidelines for Utilisation of SchoolComplexGrants&Conduct of CRC Grants
**RC.No.677,Revised Guidelines on MRC Grants Utilisation   Click here
**RcNo.31dt.19.10.13,Compensation of 33Working Days for Strike Period Click here
**RC.No.1000Dt.11.10.2013 PrivateAidedSchools Rationlisation  Cancellation Click her

**RCNo.900,Dt.14.8.13 Instructions on Summative-1Tests&RVM ModelPapers for 1-8Classes For All Subjects Click here
**Rc.No.1000,Dt.13.8.13 AidedSchools Staff Rationlisation GuideLines  Click here
**Rc.No.556Dt.12.8.13 ,CRC Grant Utilisation Guidelines Click here
**Rc.No.556,Dt.12.8.13 Organisation of SchoolComplex Meetings Guidelines  Click here
**Rc.No.02Dt.12.8.13 NMMS Schlorship Details&Application   Click here
**MemNo.118,Dt.6.7.13 HalfPay Leave Encashmentfor PR & MunicipalTeachers Clarification  Click here
**GO233Dt.13.8.2013 Sanctioning of 2825 ITDA Teacher Posts  Click here
**Memo No.25994,dt.8.8.13,Action against Employees who Pricipating in Strike Click here
**GO.549Dt.8.8.2013,Minister GroupReconstituted to Interact with JAC to Find Solutions  Click here
**Rc.840Dt.6.8.13 SchoolComputer Labs to be Maintained by Teachers in future  Click here
**GO.3461Dt.3.8.13Change of Optional Holiday On 6.8.13instead of 5.8.13on account of Shab-e-Qadar Click here
** Important Note 1.8.2013 of SPD:Donot Belive UnAuthorise Phone Calls&Persons  Click here
**Rc.527Dt.30.7.2013 CRPs Online Monitoring System  Click here
**RC233Dt.24.7.13 Pay ment of Escort Allowance by RVM to CWSN Children Click here  Application form
**RC.No.305,Dt1.7.2013 Subjectwise Work Alotment to Teachers in Primary Schools  Click here
**GO.199,Dt.30.7.2013 APGLI Subscription from First Month of Service  Click here
**Lr.No.1504,Dt.28.7.13 Cases against Evaders ofGramPanchayat Election Duties  Click here
**GO.1204Dt22.7.2013:Ammendments of Remuneration for PR Elections Duties Click here
**Rc.249Dt.20.7.2013:StateLevel Training to PrimaryLevel RPS on New Text Books  Click here
**RC.5234Dt17.7.2013:Procurement of Uniforms from APCO for2013-14  Click here
**GO.1197Dt.20.7.13:Enhanced Renumeration of For PanchatiElections Click here
 **Cash Back of CCS Credited PRC/DA etc..Arrears of CPS Subscribers  Click here
**Aided Primary SchoolTeachers&HindiSchools,SanskritSchools Teachers Salaraies Budget Relsd  Click here
**GO.2909Dt.10.7.2013 Budget Sanction to APGLI For Sanction of Loans & Closures  Click here
**GO:2931Dt10.7.2013APGLI Payment of Loan&Claim for Policy Holders  Click here
**New APGLI Application   Click here
**GO.187,Dt.9.7.2013HalfDay Basic Salary of July2013  Cutting for UttarKhand Calamity    Click here
**UrduMedium Schools Time Change in RamzanMonth   Click here
**UrduMedium Schools Time Change in RamzanMonth  Click here
**Muslim Employees avail 1Hr Permission to Leave  Offices During Ramzan Month   Click here
**GO.1127Dt.8.7.2013 Declaration of Local Holiday  on Panchat Elections day   Click here
**GO.57Dt6.7.13 Engineering Fee Structure in AP for  2013-14,2014-15,2015-16  Click here
**Monitoring of Schools Instructions,Proformas,Indicators  Click here
**CRPs Honororium Enhancement from Rs.5500 to Rs.7000 Click here
**MEO FAC to Senior HMs in Mandal  Click here
**DSC & TET Notification  Click here
**GO:183,Dt.2.7.2013 DSC&Other Departments Vacancies Recruitment  Click here
**GO:1077Dt.1.7.13&GO543:Remuneration of PR Election Duties Click here
**Pay Salary for 10,197 Posts of DSC-2012 Deployed Teachers to SSA  Click here
                     From June-2013 to Previous Months & Years
**PreMetric Schlorships (NewScheme) for SC Students  Studying V to VIII Class for 2013-14   Click here
**Guidelines Conduct of SMC Elections  Click here
**Guidelines for Engaging Data EntryOperators&Messengers  at DPOs & MRCs  Click here
**Preparation of SeniorityLists of Teachers for Promotions  Click here
**AidedTeachers Ratiolisation Norms in Telugu  Click here
**GO.41,Dt.19.6.13 Ammendments to APRTE Rules-2010   Click here
**GO:40dt.18.6.2013 Aided Staff Rationlisation,Trnsfers&Promotion  (With Annexures)  New GO  (21Pages)   Clickhere
**GO.39Dt.17.6.2013:AidedSchools Staff Rationlisation   Click here
**GO.142dt17.6.13: 8%Interst to CPS Contributions from 1.4.2011 to till date   Click here
**Education Forthnight from June22 to July5 DaywiseCelebrations Click here

**Recruitment of ComputerOperators& OfficeSubOrdinate  in APModelSchools Click here

**GO:DA(54.784%) wef.1.1.2013 Click here
**GO:DearnessRelief (DR) for Pensioners wef:1.1.2013 Click here
**VinayakaMission not Permitted to Run Study Centres in AP Clickhere
**Telugu,Mathematics ReadinessProgramme-15DaysActivities
**SchoolReadinessProgramme&SchoolComplex Meetings Click here
**GO: Appointment of Public Information officer for EdnDept. Click here
**ELs for HM&ClericalStaff for attending Schools in Summer Holidays
  Click here
**GO: Enhancement of ObsiqueCharges fromRs2000toRs.10000 to Teaching&NonTeaching Staff in Aided Schools   Click here
**MIS Coordinators Duties to maintain SMC A/cs   Click here
**Deleetion of Attractive Words from SchoolNames like Techno,Olympiad,etc.. Click here
**GO: No need to submit Proposals to Enhance APGLI Subscription
   Clcik here

**Instructions on FAC arrangenent for Posts of DyEOs  Click here
**CCLs for RVM Trainings in Oct,2012 for Hindi&Social Teachers
Click here
**GO.33Dt.2.5.2013 Teachers Transfers   Click here
**Rationlisation Go&Guidelines Click here
**No Teacher Work on Deputation for Non Teaching work Click here
**Notification for Post of Sectorial officers in RVM Click here
**List of ModelSchools to be OperationalisedFrom2013-14  Click here
**Els Preservation for Teachinf Staff for Election Duty in  any Summer Holidays (for All Districts)  Click here

**CCLs for RVM Trainings in Oct,2012 for Hindi&Social Teachers  Click here



GO: Guidelines for Selection of Principals,TGTs & PGTs in Model Schools   Click here

**Instructions on Dress Code for Teachers  Click here

**Monitoring of Schools by Sectorial Officers of RVM in Apr 8,9th Click here

**Aided Teachers can Encash their HalfPayLeaves at the time  of Retirement  Click here

**Aided Notional Increments Copy to RJDEs,DEOs  Click here

**RMSA-2012-13Grants  Click here

**Continue VVs upto Apr2013 if needed  Click here

**Age Concession for SC/STs mendement Rules  Click here

**Powers to District Collectors to Change SSC Centred School Timing   Click here

**Spl.CL On March 8th for Women Employee on eve of Women'sDay Click here

**DTA Orders to DTOs about DSC-2012Teachers'Salaries  Click here

**GO: OneMan Comitee has to submit (9thPRC Anomalies)Report Click here

**GO: Constitution of 10th PRC   Click here

**GO; AdditionalPosts of SGTs & LPTs Sanctioned for DSC-2012  under RTE Act  Click here

**GO:Municipal Employees,Tchrs & Pensioners /Pensions Salaries   under 010 Head & Medical Reimbursement facility   Click here

**Spl.CL on 21.2.2013 for Teachers&Employees to Cast their   Votes forMLC Elections  of Graduate/Teacher Constituencies  Click here
**TA for CRPs  
Click here

**GO:Revised Professional Tax Strucrures for Govt/Pvt Employees  Click here

Delegation Power to ADs to Sanction APGLI Loan upto 1 LakhClick here

**GO: Constitution of New ''C'' Centres of SSC Exam-2013Click here

**Sanctioning of TWO Notional Increments to Junior Lecturers whoworked earlier as AprenticeTeachers   Click here
                                    2012 GOs

**Revised Attestation form Instructions   Click here
   Revision Attestation Form   Click here

**Instructions for Functioning of Toilets in Schools  Click here

CPS Amounts of Emps who came into APRPR-1980 shall be
         transferred to their GPF Account    
Click here

Constitution of Committee to study the structure of the
   School Edn Dept 
  Click here

Committee Constituted for Protection of Child Rights Click here

**GO: 307dt3.12.2012 EOL Mmay be Counted for Sanction of 
    Notional Increments&Pension  
 Click here

**GOProcurement of BookShelves from given Agencies    Click here

**GO: Deputation/Work adjustment of SAs in DIETs  Click here

**List of General&Optional Holidays  Click here

**DSC-2012 Schedule   Click here

**Revised Complex Dates (onNov27th&Dec3rd) Click here

**Workshop on SummativeTest-2  Click here

**School Complex Meetings on Nov27&28th  Click here
**Trainings to DivisionalLevelMonitoring Teams  Click here
**GO:No.298;dt15.11.12 DR (5.992%)for Pensioners wef 1.7.12 Clickhere
**GO: No.297; Dt.14.11.12 - NewDA( 5.992% )wef.1.7.2012  Click here
**No Deputation of Teachers as APOs in DEO Office  Click here
For Ready Recokner  Click here

**GO: DSC-2012 Recruitment Process & Guidelines  Click here

**AIdedTeachers 3rd QuarterBudget ProceedingsÂnnexures 

  Click here
**Trainings for Hindi&SocialTeachers in UPS&HS fromOct14th
   Click here
**GO: InterDist.Transfers Guidelines & Schedule  Click here
**SummativeTests for1to8th postponed to29.10.12 Click here
**Joint Signatory to Withdraw MRC Funds   Click here
**Enhancement of Honororiums of Messengers at DPO&MRC
   Click here
**14th NovemberCelebrations at Schools  Click here
**Amount for Uniform Stiching for 2012-13  Click here
**Two Notional Increments Municipal Teachers  Click here
**Furnish School Visits by ONLINE Click here
**SMS Members Involvement in School Prayer  Click here
**Eyes Screening for SchoolAge Children  Click here
**Admission for HIV Affected Children in Schools  Click here
**State Monitoring Teams Visit to Schools  Click here
**PAT & SOT Notification & Application  Click here
**Aided Schools Rationlisation Norms  Click here
**DTA Clarification on  SPP1B(AAS) Scale  Click here
**September2012,School Complex Guidelines   Click here
**SSC Exam-2013 Fee Details  Click here
**GO: Enhancement of MaternityLeave from 12 to 180Days  Click here
**GO: Reviewing of  Six Point Formula  Click here
**GO: Constuction of 355 Girls Hostels in BackwardClassBlocks 
**Follow Tribunal Judgement on Promotion for LPs to SAs Promotions
**GO: New Head of A/CForMuncipalTeachers Medical
   Reimbursement for Permitting HealthCards   Click here
**Providing Escort Allowance to CWSN Childr4en  Click here
**Providing Bicycles to 6-8thChildren above 3Km.Distance    Click here
**RVM NirmalaVidyala Awards   Click here
*GO:Two Notional Increments for Municipal Teachers  Click here
**GO:DDOs Responsible for CPS Entries  Click here
**Providing Eggs Twice in Week in MDM for Schools   Click here
**Proposals for VidyaVolunteers in HighSchools in 2012-13  Click here

**Certain Ammendments to Pension Rules of 1980  Click here

**Conduct of School Complxes&Constituting og Monitoring Teams 
**Posting of Additonal VV where strength is 101-120  Click here
**Teachers'day Celebratuins by SMCs Guidelines  Click here
**DewormingDay(14.9.2012) Guidelines   Click here**Govt.Communication to DEOs & Awardwinners to attend function 
   on 5.9.2012   Click here
**AP Tribunal order for Continuation of MRPs   Click here
**Engaging Parttime Instructors of Art,Health,PhysicalEducation
**SikshaSastry equal to B.Ed.for Purpose of AAS in APRIS Click here
**MRPs Releive on 31.8.2102 & Join in their Schools Click here
**CAL Training to 5SGTs as Resourcepersons  Click here
**Communicating about Model Unit&TerimTestpapers for 
   1-8th Classes by RVM   Click here
**GO: Fee Stcrture of All Engineering&Pharmacy Colleges  Click here
**GO: Guidelines for Electronic cum ProvidentFund Final Withdrawl
   Application for Pensioners   Click here
**GO: Two Notional Increments for Tribal Welfare Teachers  Click here
**GO: Setting up of StateLevel Equity Working Groups on RTE Click here
**GO.184: Implentation of HealthCareFund Scheme   Click here
**GO.186:HealthCare Scheme OperationalGuidelines Click here
**Strengthning of ECE Centres  RVM Memo Click here
**GO: 2%Reservation for SportsPersons in Education&Jobs Click here
**Coming School Complexes Schedule & Activities  Click here**RevisedGuideLines  for Implentation of KGBVs for 2012-13 Click here
**Providing Uniforms for CWSN Children   Click here
**State Level WorkShop on Preparation of BaseLineTest Papers
**GO: Providing MDM For NCLP Children   Click here
**Stoppage of Purchase of Maths&Science Kits Under RMSA 
  Grants  Click here
**Teleconference on MeenaPrapancham on 9.8.12Guidelines Click here
**Proposals to submit for Upgradation of High Schools  Click here
**GO: Formation of Committee on Revision of TextBooks  Click here
**GO: MDM Enhanced Rates from 1.7.2012  Click here
**QUEST Programme in Tribal School Children  Click here
**GO: Formation of TaskForce on School Sanitation atState&District
   Levels   Click here
**SCERT Proceedings for Conducting 1stUnitTest by CCE Model**GO:Compulsory Physical Education in Schools  Click here
**GO: Uploading CPS Contributions Guidelines   Click here
**GO: Revision of TextBooks from2013-14 Instrucions
**GO: Constitution of Standing Comitee to examine Rules in
   All Departments   Click here
**Guidelines for Implementation of NPEGELProgramme
   in Model Cluster Schools;RVM Proceedings   Click here
**CAL Training Class on 24.7.12:RVM Proceedings  Click here
**Muslim Employees Can leave 1Hr early from office during 
  RAMZAN Month    Circular   Click here
**RVM's Activities at School/Complex/MRC/DPO/DIETLevel
    Click here
**1Day Training Programme on MeenaPrapancham  Click here
**Supply of Sports Materials to UPSchool by RVM Instructions
  Click here
**MDM Inspection by Dist.Officials&Visit Proformas  Click here
**RVM Grants Utilisation Guideline for 2012-13  Click here
**DSE Proceedings for Fillup Vacancies arised due to Transfers in 
   Schools by Promotions  Click here
**Urdu School Timings in RAMZAN Month  Click here
**MRPs by OutSource  RVM Memo Click here
**For MRP Services Rederence old GOs  Click here
**GO.356,Construction of 24754 Kitchen Sheds inSchools  Click here
**3Yrs Completed MRPs continue upto31.8.12Proceedings  Click here
**Inclusion of 8th Class in UP Schools RVM order  Click here
**INSPIRE AWARD  Details    Click here**GO.3337,Budget Release for Aided Institutions   Click here
**GO.No.181Dt.10.7.12 Imposition of Ban on Transfers Click here
**Conduct of HealthDay on July13th in Schools  Click here
**Payment for Uniforms to SMCs   Click here
**GO.56 All SGT Posts Notified without Blocking  Click here
**Go.55 Inclusion Of 8th Class in UPSchools Guidelines   Click here
**DearnessRelief(DR) 5.992%for Pensioners wef:1.1.2012 GO Click here
**DA(5.992%) GO.178,dt.4.7.2012 wef.1.1.2012  Click here
**Municipal Teachers Transfers  Order  Click here
**SchoolComplexes HMs & Asst.Scretaries Trainings  Guidelines
**Audit of MRCs Click here
*Guidelines for Special Education Forth Night From Jul 9th-21st
**DSE Fresh Guidelines &Clarifications on Teachers 
   Transfers  Click here               
**Upgradation of 46 UP Schools as HighSchools  GO  Click here
**Engagement of VVs in Remote Mandals&Urdu Schools
   Relaxation of Qualifications GO   Click here
**Fin. Department Memo for Sanctioning of TWO Notional
  Increments to Teachers Who Completed 2yrs After1.4.2009 Click here
**Enhamcement of MDM Rates  GO Click here
**Clarification on MEO Transfers  Click here
**Teachers Transfers Guidelines GO.38,Dt:16.6.12  Click here
    C&DSE Proceedings&Schedule of Transfers 
    Click here
    *Guidelines on Transfers in Telugu  Click here
**MEOs Transfers Guidelines Click here
  Staff Transfers Guidelines Clickhere
**Selection of CRTs&PETs in KGBVs Guidelines  Click here
**PF increased from 8.6% to8.8% GO Click here
**Teachers Transfers Guidelines GO.38,Dt:16.6.12  Click here
    C&DSE Proceedings&Schedule of Transfers 
    Click here
    *Guidelines on Transfers in Telugu  Click here
**MEOs Transfers Guidelines Click here
  Staff Transfers Guidelines Clickhere
**Selection of CRTs&PETs in KGBVs Guidelines  Click here
**PF increased from 8.6% to8.8% GO Click here
**Special EnrolmentDrive Activities from18thJune-2ndJuly
    Click here
**Payment of Enhanced Gratutity for Pensioners Click here
**ELs for HighSchools HMs & NonTeaching Staff
    for SummerDuty-2012    Click here
**Fin.Dept Clarification on New AAS Scales to Teachers
   Who Crossed 50Yrs Age  Clickhere
**Fin.Dept issued Circular Memo of STEPUP of Senior with Junior
    Who availed AAS&FR22B  Click here
**9569RMSA SAs Salaries New Head of Account GO Click here
**DR  GO (for Pensioners w.e.f.1.7.2012)  Click here
**DA GO.Ms.No.25(w.e.f.1.7.2011)  Click here
**3%PH Reservations Rules&Regulations GO  Click here
**OD Facicility for Attending APPSC Dept.Tests
    DEO,Guntur Proceedings Click here
**DR  GO (for Pensioners w.e.f.1.7.2012)  Click here
**DA GO.Ms.No.25(w.e.f.1.7.2011)  Click here
**Direct Recruitment(DSC) Rules GO Click here
**3%PH Reservations Rules&Regulations GO  Click here
**Finance Dept.Clarification New AAS(6/12/18/24)Scales
     Click here
*New GIS Tables for Interest Calculation 
    Click here
**Clarification on Paternity Leave  Click here

**6/12/18/24 Yrs AAS Scales Details in Telugu
Click here



**Clarification GO on  Dept.Tests-EO Test &

     SO Test-Part-1,2   Click here
**SPDRVM Instructions to DEOs to Appoint MRPs in 2010
Panel List  
Click here

**Death Relief to Legal Heirs of Family Pensioners
   after Demise GO
 Click here

**Surrender Leave Memo  Click here

to Appoint CRPs  GO 
Click here

**VVS Recruitment-2011-12  Guidelines  Click here

**DSE Proceedings for 5Days EL For RMSA Training in May,2011   
Click here

**DSE Proceedings on Tribunal Orders on All Cases to DEOs  Click here

**Pensioners DR from 1.1.2011 GO   Click here

**Pay Protection to LoacalBody Employees Appointed for Higher Post by APPSC/DSC GO  Click here

**DA(5.136%) From1.1.2011GO Click here

**Notional Increments for SC.ST,BC Teachers& VVs  GO
 Click here

**Transfers Modifications GO.No.66,Dt25.5.11 Click here

**Rationlisation Complete GuideLines   Click here

**Transfers GuideLines& Counselling Dates  Click here

**LTC For Employees GO Click here

**Personal Computer Loan for Employees GO  Click here

**New AAS(6/12/18/24Yrs)Go.No.96,Dt.20.5.11 Click here


**Teachers Transfers GO.No.65  Click here

**NewGuidelines GO No.60,Dt16.5.11 for Rationliasation   Click here


**NewGuidelines for Rationliasation   Click here

**Apprentice Period Count for Pension GO Click here

**Rationalisation for Schools,Posts&Staff  GO Click here
**DSE Proceedings on HM Promotions Counting Seniority
**Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) GuideLines GO Click here

**Aided Teachers Budget for 2011-12 Click here

**No Work-NoPay &Action on Employees GO click here
**HRA Enhancement from10%to12% & 12.5%to14.5% Click here
**TeacherEligibilityTest(TET)GuideLines Constitution Commitee Click here
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**HRA/CCA Grant for  all Kinds Leave  GO.28 Click here;GO 29 Click here
**Spl.CL to WomenEmployees on March,08 GO Click here
**IT Dept.Clarifications on HRA,80DDB,80G Sections Clickhere
**RTE Act-09 Notification GO Click here
**Govt.&JAC Agreement Copy on Demands  Click here